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Cabling Components

Regardless of their size, companies need the latest information technology to maintain a competitive advantage. And all of this starts with an appropriate voice and data cabling setup that future-proofs their entire business operation.

The increasing size of networks and the development of faster access methods has created an overwhelming demand for dependable, manageable cabling components and cable systems. A structured cabling system will lessen the network downtime associated with office restructuring. No other part in a network has a longer life cycle or requires as much thought as voice and data cabling.

Structured cabling is an excellent investment because it will outlast all other networking components. It requires few changes and ultimately saves your company both time and money. On top of that, successful organizations require careful planning to avoid blockages, reducing network performance while remaining flexible to accommodate the frequent equipment modification.

Birns Telecommunications provides a high-quality voice and data cabling product line, including the maintenance of the systems we install. We can also offer support for telecommunications solutions from other providers as a separate service. We are known as the market leader in the telecommunications sector because of the implementation and installation of various wire mediums and voice and data cabling for various customer applications for over 40 years.

At Birns Telecommunications

we work with voice and data cabling plans that include VoIP phone systems, Wi-Fi/Wireless Network Installation, WLAN Networking Setup, Access Point Installer, Audio/Video Cabling and Wiring, Network Cabling Design, and Server Racks.
We also provide 24-hour assistance to keep your communications open for business.