voice & data services solutions

For Every Application

High-speed Internet Lines

With Birns voice and data services, you will acquire greater bandwidth designed to boost your business communication efficiency. Our high-speed DSL (digital subscriber line) carries voice and data simultaneously, providing high-speed internet connectivity using your existing phone line.

Birns voice and data services provide high-speed, secure, and flexible data products designed and priced to meet and grow with your organization. Our phone and data services include:

  • A 2-hour committed response time guarantee.
  • Remote monitoring tools.
  • A 99.0 percent network availability guarantee to provide the best quality and reliability.

Thanks to our cutting-edge monitoring capabilities, we can repair most network issues without disrupting your daily operations. Birns voice and data services give you exclusive Internet access, focusing on what is truly important to your business—increasing market share, expanding into new areas, and adding value to your products and services—rather than worrying about internet performance.

Get the most out of your internet connection at the most appropriate cost for your company

Voice Services

POTS, PBX and DID Local Services
Birns Telecommunications offers a reasonably priced comprehensive suite of local phone services and technology that meets or exceeds the competition.

Our cutting-edge switching equipment enables us to deliver local phone service at up to 60% cheaper rates and avoids exorbitant access costs imposed by many other businesses.

Voice Outbound Only, TFN Service Only, 2-Way (Outbound & TFN Service), Point-To-Point Only, IP Service Only (Internet Access), Integrated Services – Voice, Data, Internet, and Video/Imaging – ISDN PRI, and much more are examples of Local Dedicated Services (LDS).

Long Distance Services

(IXC) Switched or Dedicated Services
Birns provides competitively priced long-distance services with comprehensive solutions utilizing POT lines, PRIs, Integrated T1’s, Switched and Dedicated Long Distance that best matches your company’s needs.

Voice – Outbound Only, Voice – TFN Service Only, Voice – 2-Way (Outbound & TFN Service), Integrated Services – Voice, Data, Internet, Video/Imaging – ISDN PRI are examples of Long Distance (IXC) Dedicated Services.

Domestic Outbound services include Inter-State Traffic, Intra-State Inter-LATA Traffic, Intra-LATA Traffic (Local Toll), International Outbound, and many others.