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You Can Save Big on Your Business Phone Bill with a VoIP Phone System

As a leading VoIP Phone Systems provider specialized in all aspects of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), a technology that enables you to make and receive phone calls through the Internet, Birns Telecommunications is proud to offer high-quality VoIP Phone Systems from top brands like NEC, ShoreTel, Mitel and Adtran at affordable prices.

With over 40 years of experience in the telecom industry, we understand how challenging the prospect of getting a new business phone system can be; that’s why we will provide all of our expertise to help you get the VoIP Phone Systems that will fit your budget and boost your office’s productivity.

Each VoIP Phone we offer is designed from the ground up to improve business operations for your company. To find out more about the features of VoIP Phone Systems, or request a free consultation, please call 1-888-BIRNS-TEL or send an email to and our team of experts will assist you as soon
as possible.


NEC Phone Systems feature a wide variety of customizable options and advanced functionalities crafted for user efficiency.


Designed with ergonomics and contemporary office esthetics in mind, Mitel Phones help customers achieve success through wider scalability and a powerful suite of applications.


Featuring innovative VoIP communication solutions, ADTRAN VoIP Phone Systems are designed to resolve complicated network assessments and operational issues.

What Do You Need to Implement VoIP?

VoIP technology only requires a broadband Internet connection, a VoIP phone system, and a router with configurable Quality of Service settings.

How Do VoIP Phone Systems Work?

VoIP is a technology that takes analog audio and transforms it into digital data that is transmitted online. A VoIP Phone lets you take advantage of this technology without involving a PC. It’s simple, especially if you employ a hosted service; most VoIP phones are plug-and-play, don’t require additional hardware, and let you handle their basic settings easily.

Lower cost

Less hardware and cheaper phone services are just the beginning. Features like video conferencing will help you decrease travel and training costs.


VoIP technology lets you grow your business phone system as needed.

Advanced Features

On top of all the basic functions, like voicemail, most VoIP phones supply virtual receptionists, greeting functionality, and more.


VoIP advanced technology ensures quality phone clarity and therefore a great professional impression.


A phone system is one of the most effective tools for making sales, and negotiating with suppliers. That’s why it is so important! Our VoIP phone systems are designed to be reliable.


VoIP technology lets you link several devices, like smart phones and mobiles, allowing you to access your business phone features anywhere with a broadband connection.
Get a PBX System and Lower Your Operational Costs
Buy a PBX System at Birns.Net and reduce costs:
  • You’ll save on monthly subscription costs
  • You’ll benefit from buyer cost VolP routing