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Make your life easier by selecting robust security tools. You really can be everywhere at once with Birns Telecommunications’ surveillance systems.


You need continuous recording for security, monitoring, and insurance purposes, whether it’s through closed-circuit interior cameras or outdoors. You have access to conventional and state-of-the-art surveillance systems with custom fields of view, Cthanks to Birns Telecommunications.

Access Control

Did you forget your key at home? Then why not use a passcode to enter! Our access control solutions enable you to create unique cards and key codes for each employee and keep track of every time they arrive or leave the premises. Enjoy the peace of mind you deserve by choosing one of the modern, high-tech access controls we offer.

Differences between NVR and server-based

  • NVRs are built for extended life and low cost of ownership, making them more affordable than standalone servers and software. Server-based systems are the ideal option for scalability or ease of system extension over time since, unlike NVRs, they are not restricted to supporting a set number of cameras.
  • For the low- to mid-end of the market, NVRs are undoubtedly growing in popularity because they are easy to install. Although VMS software offers more flexibility than NVRs, installing and maintaining it could need more advanced IT skills.

Difference between a Verefouel and Fixed Lense

2.8 mm
3~5 M
3.6 mm
8 M
6 mm
15 M
8 mm
20-30 M
40-50 M
16 mm
70-80 M
Different camera options for every need