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Birns Telecommunications - Colocation Data Center In New York.

Are you looking for a reliable colocation data center in the New York or Tri-state area? Birns Telecommunications offers superior colocation services at affordable prices. Birns Telecommunications is a multimillion dollar supplier and installer of communications equipment. Birns has been providing superior communications services in the New York and the Tri-state areas since 1973.

Birns focuses on offering top quality colocation services that focus on fulfilling the primary needs of its users. As a well established telecommunications company Birns has the infrastructure and means to provide the absolute highest quality bandwidth and data lines possible to our customers.

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    What This Means To Customers Using Birns For Colocation Services

    The network infrastructure that carry's your businesses communications is of the highest quality. Since Birns is a telecommunications company we have access to bandwidth at amazing prices.

    Birns offers multiple secure internet connections for businesses looking for more redundancy. Your critical communications are protected at all times with the highest levels of security in place.

    It is not easy for businesses these days to keep up with the demands of technology. More and more bandwidth is needed, and security is becoming ever more important as time passes.

    Go with a Birns colocation package, rather than spending the money setting up your own in-house data center. Over 64% of businesses use colocation hosting in their business model, because it is typically the best option for most companies.

    Need more reasons to go with Birns for Colocation services?
    • Web support or support phone number.
    • No added costs for janitorial, and maintenance.
    • Guaranteed temperatures of 72 degrees (+/- 8 Degrees).
    • Equipment cabinets and relay racks as needed.
    • AC/DC power as needed.
    • FM-100 fire suppression systems.
    • Scalable bandwidth for your equipment.
    • 24 x 7 secure access to your equipment.
    Choose Birns For Colocation Hosting
    Birns Telecommunications offers competitive Colocation hosting services in the New York and Tri-state area. Birns has onsite security cameras and staff keeping an eye on your equipment. Before entering the Birns server room people are required to pass through multiple security doors, including a biometric security access point.

    Our colocation facility has a direct line from the power company, a bank of batteries and a Cummins natural gas generator all of which are capable of powering the colocation facility. This also means we are more than covered in the event of a brown out, or any event leading to a power outage.

    In most cases it would be too expensive to setup this same level of security and redundancy in any small to medium sized business. Do your business a big favor, and call Birns today for a no obligation quote.

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